Lambertville Halloween Parade Committee

2015 Halloween Parade

Welcome to one of the oldest Halloween parades in New Jersey!

This annual event has been sponsored by the City of Lambertville for over 75 years, and is made possible through the generous donations made by local organizations and businesses.

The winners of the 2015 prizes are

Best in Parade6004Hamster Dance Float
Most Creative9002The Gargoyles of Notre Dame
Most Creative9003Cuckoo Clock
Best Representation of a Famous Person7003World War II Pilot
Best Representation of a Character from Movies or TV5020Wall-E
Most Artistic7001Artemis & Dionysis
Most Patriotic7005Abe Lincoln
Best Homemade Costume6010The Good, The Bad & The Beauty
Dot Kitchen Memorial Award5013The Giving Tree
Comic - First Place5021Captain Hook
Comic - Second Place3011Minion
Comic - Third Place5005Supergirl
Historic - First Place6003Des Artistes du Eccentricity
Historic - Second Place7000US Calvary-Rusty and Rin Tin Tin
Historic - Third Place5007Vikings
Original - First Place9000Sir Tentacles & Miss Octopus
Original - Second Place9006Raven
Original - Third Place9005aDragon Lady
Original - Third Place102Makeup Monster
Fancy Dress - First Place4005Pumpkin Ferry
Fancy Dress - Second Place4001CInderella & God Mother
Fancy Dress - Third Place7004Geisha
Fictional Characters - First Place5017King of the Forest, The Cowardly Lion
Fictional Characters - Second Place3101Dark Angels
Fictional Characters - Third Place3001Jack & Sally
Duos - First Place8003Two Chefs
Duos - Second Place3010Lady and the Tramp
Duos - Third Place3002Dragon Fly & Preying Mantis
Classic Halloween - First Place115Coffin with Vampire
Classic Halloween - Second Place1008Headless Man
Classic Halloween - Third Place1005Wolf Girl
Groups - First Place6007Kiss
Groups - Second Place6002Star Wars
Groups - Third Place9001Pigs in a Blanket
Impersonations - First Place8102Pinocchio
Impersonations - Second Place8008Mr. Met
Impersonations - Third Place8010Wildlife Photographer
Impersonations - Third Place8006Sir Dance A Lot
Honorable Mention3004Ursula the Sea Witch & Ariel
Honorable Mention6005Old McDonald
Honorable Mention6009Flower Garden
Honorable Mention1006Lobster in the pot
Honorable Mention116Star Wars
Honorable Mention6001Rock Martys
Honorable Mention5003Jack and the Bean Stalk
Honorable Mention8100Penguin
Honorable Mention1007Scorpion
Honorable Mention3005Anna & Elsa
Honorable Mention1004Frankenstein
Honorable Mention3008Cutie Hootie Owls
Honorable Mention3009Cutie Hootie Owls
Honorable Mention109Elephant ballerina
Honorable Mention1001Black Cat
Honorable Mention5018Minion
Honorable Mention4002Sassy Zebra

All winners must claim their prize at City Hall, 18 York Street, Lambertville, NJ by Friday, November 13, 2015.
All participants are winners and we appreciate the time you devoted to your costume and the parade!

Thanks to the sponsors who have made the prizes for the 2015 Halloween Parade possible:

  • Lambertville Trading Company
  • Homestead Farm Market
  • Suplee, Clooney & Co.
  • Manon Restaurant
  • Inn of the Hawke
  • Mitchell’s Café
  • Lambertville Station
  • Michael Burns Architects
  • CA Niece
  • Caffe Galleria
  • Callaway Henderson Sotheby’s International Realty
  • Hamilton’s Grill Room
  • Van Horn-McDonough Funeral Home